A Great Expanse of Land Here

As the second largest state, area wise, in the United States (including Alaska), it should come as no surprise that many areas of Texas have usual, and unusual, sized plots of land on which are found residences, and bare land, available for building on.

Large Hill Country Home in the Metro San Antonio area
Home Tennis Court

In the Metro San Antonio area, smaller cities such as Fair Oaks Ranch, south and east of Boerne, Hill Country Village and Shavano Park, both within San Antonio’s overall “borders,” have properties ranging in size from one-half acre up to fifteen acres or more. So, if you move here, you’ll want to know what’s possible with the property you purchase and move to. So before choosing the property, the first order of business is checking deed restrictions, often called restrictive covenants, found in a deed that places restrictions and, possibly limits, on how you can use a piece of real estate and what you can build.

If you reach the conclusion that a multi-acre property is for you, a number of thoughts enter here about and where “events” of the property come to mind. For instance, if you want a pool, where should it go, or even a tree house for youngsters, assuming there are some in your family.

Beautiful backyard swimming pool

And if, or not, assuming there’s enough land to do this, you may consider growing vegetables or have an apple orchard on your property, in which case, probably five acres or more of land would need to be set aside.

And not to be excluded from your thought process or execution, a herd of horses, a pack of cows, or another, a “gathering” of goats might fit into your thought process, all a possibility. And all of which will likely need to be run by a city or homeowners’ association to get approval.

And oh, speaking about pools, it’s important to realize that pools come in a variety of sizes and shapes since they’re not just brought in ready to place in the ground. In fact, a pool can be built to fit a particular piece of land on your property, even up against a mound or hill which extends the length or width of your land.

When you choose a lot to build on, make sure you ask for a flood plain certificate. Certificates such as this state flood zone status so that you know for sure you are not in a flood plain.

Finally, it’s a good idea to have a licensed architect involved in your design and build process before you actually move ahead. And the architect will, no doubt, be able to suggest one or another builder who has experience in what you want.

The Metro San Antonio area, including the smaller neighboring cities within and surrounding it, is and has been an exciting place to live, evidenced by its increase in population, seen as doubling over the last forty or so years. So, we’re mighty glad to welcome you and feel confident you will enjoy Metro San Antonio Living as much as we, who have been here for years, do.