The Definitive Guide for the Metro San Antonio Living Experience

We’re pleased you are moving, or considering a move, to the Metro San Antonio area. Now the seventh largest city in the United States, San Antonio, and its neighbor communities, continue to please folks who live here with both its’ size and pleasurable living offerings. San Antonio has a population closing in on 1,500,000 residents and its’ metro area neighbor cities such as Boerne, New Braunfels and Seguin, are seeing growth like they never imagined.

San Antonio and its’ metro area have an abundance of housing including single family, condominiums and apartments, plus, additionally, varying sizes of lots to build on should your choice be a single family, multi family or another residential style home. And if shopping is a worry, let that not be a concern. Major retail chains call the metro area home.

Education for the youngsters in the family is an important subject and with sixteen school districts in the cities, and countryside, we’ve got that covered very nicely. And should children be of college age, a plentitude of colleges and universities are located throughout the metro area.

Businesses located in the metro area continue their upward growth, including in the technology field. And our Medical field is considered some of the best in the United States.

For leisure time enjoyment, water recreation is high on the list of things you can plan to participate in what with an abundance of lakes and rivers available for pleasure. And an abundance of state and local parks abound throughout.

So log onto any of the articles, including those speaking of singular metro area cities, we have provided for your reading pleasure. You will be mighty glad you did. And if you allow an early welcome, we’re mighty glad you’ve chosen to join us in Metro San Antonio Living.

Tower of Americas in San Antonio

Things to Do

Shop Till You Drop

In addition to a great climate, world-famous friendliness and a rich cultural heritage, San Antonio and its neighboring cities offer another attractive feature, some of the best shopping in Texas....

Festivals in and around San Antonio

By Catherine Hudgins While the metro San Antonio population boom brings transplants from distant and very different areas, one regional tradition remains vital and strong: the local festival. Every town, village, and parish – and even some neighborhoods – seems to have staked out at least one special item or event...


San Antonio Presents a Dynamic Setting for Business and Industry

Those relocating to San Antonio to seek employment will be pleased to know that San Antonio has blossomed over the last 20 years into a dynamic,...


Living in the Surrounding Metro Areas

A Great Expanse of Land Here

As the second largest state, area wise, in the United States (including Alaska), it should come as no surprise that many areas of Texas have usual, and unusual, sized plots of land on which...
Landscaped home in the San Antonio Metro Area
Going green and adding additional gardening colors makes your house stand out. Follow these month by month gardening tips to make it happen.

Living in SA

You’ll find information supporting the “climate” of this multi-cultural metropolitan area. San Antonio is home to the two most popular Texas attractions, the Alamo and the RiverWalk, also the...


Pictured are students entering Jefferson High School in San Antonio. Photo courtesy of Mark Langford ©2024

Education in San Antonio and the surrounding metro area.

A necessity for an active area of varied age groups, such as metro San Antonio, is an above average schooling system especially designed for young people still in school. And we’re pleased to say we have, along with the contents of the website Go Public, just such a system. Join us and “survey” what our system offers. You’ll be pleased you did.

School Districts and Private Schools in the San Antonio Metro Area

For further information on San Antonio metro area school districts, visit Democracy requires an educated populace. The San Antonio metro area’s public schools meet this goal quite well. But parents will also find excellent private institutions that reinforce belief systems, address learning difficulties, and/or deliver enhanced opportunities for intellectual development. Early Beginnings According to...

Beyond the Three R’s – Extracurricular Activities, Electives Offer Students More

By Jennifer Roolf Laster In San Antonio area schools, the three R’s don’t stop at reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic. These days, electives and extracurricular activities give students the opportunities to explore rockets, robotics and, well, you get the picture. It’s a brave new world out there. And San Antonio-area students are taking advantage of...
UTSA+SSA student painting

UTSA Southwest School of Art offers classes for artists of every age

For over 50 years, UTSA Southwest School of Art (UTSA+SSA) has been a leader in visual arts education offering studio art programs for adults, children, and teens as well as a college program offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Despite the current COVID-19 crisis, SSA has continued to...

SAY Sí – Motivating and Inspiring Creativity

In 1994, SAY Sí was founded under the umbrella of the King William Neighborhood Association with the vision that all youth should have equitable access to opportunities that develop their worldview and creative potential. For 26 years, our path as a nonprofit organization has been driven by the recognition...
Activities for children in San Antonio

Activities for the Young Abound

With a pleasant year-round climate, and a virtually endless list of fun places to go, San Antonio offers a wide array of outstanding family activities. So much the better because, according to a study conducted on behalf of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation some twelve years ago, many parents and educational policy leaders...


Nearing, or In Retirement

Location, location, location San Antonio and its surrounding communities offer the best of all possible worlds: cultural offerings, tourist attractions and all the golf you can shake a putter at. Plus, retirees with interests in everything from aviation to zoology have found plenty of opportunities to explore, learn and...

So You Sing in the Shower

By Larry Higgins Well, I know a bunch of guys who can shower-sing and they are pretty good at it. They’re called “Friends in Harmony.” We are about 120 in number and we just sing every week for the fun of it. Our unpaid leader,...

Retiring With Pleasure

By Loydean Thomas Life-long sports enthusiasts Harold and Angie Keller balance their lives with a mix of athletics and travel; their children have long since left the home. “When we’re at home, we’re either watching sports or playing sports,” Angie says. “Our children complain that we’re gone so...

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