Go Green and Add Additional Colors to your Garden

For a number of reasons, going green, along with other colors, makes your house stand out, to people just driving by, to friends who visit periodically or, if you put your house up for sale, an attraction to your house compared to nothing in front or back which often causes a turnoff.

Vision two identical homes, side by side. Now imagine one with shimmering, rustling trees, attractive flower beds and enchanting shrubbery. The home next door has the same floor plan but an overgrown, weed ridden lawn in front. Which home do you think would sell first? Folks are naturally attracted to the beauty of gardens, so it’s by no surprise that landscaped homes boast increased property values.

Surrounding your home with trees and plants also creates a more temperate indoor atmosphere. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), by shading sidewalks and homes, trees and bushes reduce debilitating heat.

With regard to that above, some five years ago, I had the chance to “hook up” with Tom Harris, a Ph.D. horticulturist who was heavily involved in gardening and giving talks to, among others, Realtors and property owners. Dr. Harris passed away about three years ago but with permission from his wife, we’ve presented here work that Dr. Harris gleaned from a variety of sources over the years, all to do with gardening in the Texas Hill Country and near cities such as San Antonio and its metro area of cities, on a monthly basis for benefit to those, like you, who have a desire to maintain in an upstanding style, a pleasing and attractive housing landscape.

The monthly gardening to-do lists, part of our presentation, were compiled over a period of several years. They are broad-brush guides to what is supposed to happen during a given month. They’ve turned out to be very popular and are used in several gardening publications.

San Antonio Metro Area Gardening Tips